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HH&R Apparate to Tottenham Court Roadway in guide, yet it’s provided as Shaftesbury Opportunity in the movie, with Hermione claiming she utilized to head to the theater with her parents. Roadway names in London are a little bit weird, due to the age and background of the title, and also the road currently systematically called A400 consists of parts of both historic roads. This isn’t a significant crime, as the developing shot is the extremely popular Picadilly Circus where Shaftesbury begins, which is a few blocks southwest of the significant movie theaters on Shaftesbury. Tottenham Court Roadway correct is just a couple of blocks north of there adhering to Charing Cross (also part of A400).


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The conversation with Elphias as well as Ron’s excellent auntie is longer. In fact, the entire tarnishing of Dumbledore’s beaming reputation and also the intro of his backstory was a subtext virtually completely removed from the films, with just the barest components provided to the target market where it’s absolutely vital. This results in a reduction in Aberforth’s part late in the 2nd film, as well as of Dumbledore’s at “King’s Cross”. Viktor Krum is in presence at the wedding in the book, having actually been welcomed by Fleur. Harry makes the leap that Gregorovitch is the wandmaker that Voldemort is trying to find title after remembering that Krum’s stick was made by Gregorovitch (from WAY back in Book 4 throughout the considering of the wands.

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