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The project of prefects in the 5th year is left out, in addition to the reality that Ron was chosen for Gryffindor over Harry for that honor. Quidditch is totally missing from the film; it’s suggested that the disbanding of Star Wars Xmas Lighting logo design shirt task teams consists of a blanket restriction on Quidditch. In the book, Harry’s banned from playing after the initial game, in which Malfoy’s taunting reaches him as well as the Weasley doubles, prompting a battle. Ron initially obtains the Caretaker task in Book 5 as opposed to film 6, but isn’t very good at it (motivating a Slytherin song: “Weasley Is Our King”).


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Harry’s crush for Cho is ended in a different way in guide, after a disastrous day. Cho herself does not betray Dumbledore’s Military as in the film (however unintentional on Cho’s part), but she does call Hermione out for making use of such an awful curse versus Cho’s good friend (that DID betray them), which pretty much finishes their partnership when Harry comes to Hermione’s protection. Rita Skeeter is missing in this film; in guide, she composes a true account, precisely as Harry tells it, of the night in the graveyard at the end of publication 4, which is published in the Quibbler and also gets Harry in a LOT of trouble with Umbridge. The Weasleys create a whole lot even more turmoil in guide before they leave Hogwarts, and also it’s not known initially that they’re doing it (at least not to Umbridge and the Inquisitorial Squad), till they’re captured turning a corridor into a Star Wars Christmas Lighting logo design t-shirt. Harry’s “support therapist” conference with McGonagall, which Umbridge attends and in which Harry specifies his wish to be an Auror, is left out completely from the movie. This details is first given up flick 6, basically real to that book.

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